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Grateful Dead Live at The Spectrum on 1989-10-19

Set 1

Hell In A Bucket
West L.A. Fadeaway
Victim Or The Crime
Built To Last
Blow Away
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Cumberland Blues
Don't Ease Me In

Set 2

Help On The Way ->
Slipknot! ->
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet ->
Eyes Of The World ->
Drums ->
Space ->
The Wheel ->
Dear Mr. Fantasy ->
Hey Jude Reprise ->
Death Don't Have No Mercy ->
Turn On Your Lovelight

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue The Spectrum
Location Philadelphia, PA

Source SBD -> Cassette Master (TDK MA-XG90) D
Lineage Cassette Master (Tascam 122mkII) -> Apogee MiniMe (24bit/48k) ->
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
(2) Nakamichi 300/CP4 + (2) Nakamichi 100/CP1 -> Cassette Master -> CD
Drums (5:01 - 5:06)

-- Set 2 is seamless
-- Thanks to Paul Scotton and Joani Walker for the tapes
-- Patch source recorded By Steve Cherson


Reviewer: doug_the_dude - - October 19, 2012
Subject: --
I'm surprised this show hasn't more accolades; certainly it deserves them!

Set 1 hasn't a single tune that doesn't work. Bucket charges out of the gate; I think Jerry's "Built to Last" is unfairly maligned; clink-horn midi and all, it's a rather sad, somber tune when you reflect on Brent's passing. For me THE highlight is Brent's "Blow Away" - it's absolutely the best tune he ever wrote for the Dead, and is great by any standard, not just Brent's - I never fail to get chills when he gets into wild-man mode during the extended coda.

Even "Don't Ease Me In", usually a set closer-filler-forgettaboutit, completely rocks!

Set 2 - check out Lazy Cow's video (it's on youtube) to see Bobby, Jerry, and the entire crowd *really* getting into "Estimated" - Bobby is in full pseudo-rock star mode, and when Healy puts the echo on you think he's going to go full on and swallow the microphone, but even Bobby knows when to pull back and let the jam take over, and man, they do a completely FURIOUS segue into "Eyes", enough that the latter tune has kind of a dark edge to it, strange combo given the nature of the song.

It's really everything beyond Space that makes this show - Dear Mr. Fantasy - holy.....MOLY! Jerry and Brent's chemistry really, really shines here, and they take their sweet, sweet time with the Jude coda into Death Don't - totally powerful - a bit uptempo from the version we're so used to form 10/9, but it works just as well.

This is one of the best shows I've heard from the Dead's exploratory fall '89 period - of course the Hampton shows get all the accolades, but this one is a real sleeper - almost overlooked it completely. Beautiful stuff, and the vid. I referred to earlier makes great use of Mr. Charlie's remaster - thanks to everyone involved to bring this ball of sheer heat to us!
Reviewer: Dylan M - - December 16, 2011
Subject: Wheel>Fantasy>Hey Jude>DDHNM
All about this segue. The H>S set opener was a little bit sloppy, But Brent's vocals in Franklins are priceless. He's really into it.

Wheel is thoughtful and heavy on keys (in a good way), Fantasy is a ripper and bound to make anybody listen harder. The Death Don't Have No Mercy could be the best revival version. Weir, Garcia, and Mydland all put in their best playing and vocal effort to make this version particularly special.

October 1989 was an energetic month for the band. This show is worth the download and listen. Thanks Charlie!! Sounds a solid 5. Performance 4
Reviewer: Joshua_me - - August 26, 2011
Subject: I Was Blind All the Time I Was Learning to See...
Ahh, the last blast of the good ol' days !

9 or 10 song 1st sets, solid second sets with Jerry fully present and in charge. We could hear something "meaty" like H/S/F or Scarlet Fire without having to "pay for it" with another GD-ed "Samba" or "Wave to the Friggin' Wind" and then have Jerry stumble his way through "Matilda" or whatever other nonsense the band might as well have left the stage for... No earpieces, none of John Cutler's sterile, taper-unfriendly mixes... *Sigh* We didn't know how good we had it...

"There's NOTHING you can hold, for very long..."
Reviewer: Green Warbler - - October 6, 2010
Subject: Help > Slip > Franklin's > Perfection!
I think this version just topped 5/9/77 for my personal favorite. It's so hard to find a show where Jerry is spot on with these lyrics & vocal mic'ing. Set 2 is priceless. Brent goes a tad overboard on "Death Don't" with 'goddamned mother gone' but it lends a sinister mood to a smoking uptempo version of this tune.

Recording comes out virtually perfect on EQ.

an instant favorite
Reviewer: psufan - - February 4, 2010
Subject: I was there
WE drove in from Penn State for the show, some Lynchburg lemonade, etc. Remember a guy outside Spectrum asking to trade brass espresso machine for ticket. Remember thinking I saw birds flying during Cassidy. Awesome show. Wish I had quality cd of this.
Reviewer: rick e. - - December 10, 2009
Subject: 1989-10-19
I think this is the best Dear Mr. Fantasy I ever heard.It sounded like they were playing it a bit slower ,but it really gave the jam a gargantuan feel.Jerry's solo rocks.This show rocked especially the second set .I saw 10/16 and as innovative as that show is.. it lacked the energy of this one. Set one with a slew of newer songs is very well executed. Cumberland features some good Jerry licks.Some of Jerry's licks are down right evil this show
Reviewer: GreggyD - - October 19, 2009
Subject: Cassidy from Without a Net
I knew it from note one! Great version! Great show, too. I love all the 89 stuff - one of their best runs, along with that Spring 90 stuff ... mmmmmman!
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